ROBOLAB-online - Initial 1 year subscription

If you are interested in purchasing your first subscription to the ROBOLAB-online service, you will need to decide how you wish to pay.

The payment options are listed below:

Phone Orders

For more information or to subscribe over the phone call 01536 316106.

Public Sector Purchase Orders

We can accept all Public Sector Purchase Orders. Please raise your purchase order and either submit it via our contact form or fax to 01536 316101.

On the purchase order, please provide us with the following:

  • Your purchase order number
  • Product description ("ROBOLAB-online - Initial 1 year subscription")
  • The invoice name and address of your school
  • Your contact details (email and/or telephone) to allow us to contact you if there's a problem

Once your order has been received we will email to confirm, and the subscription will be activated as soon as possible on an invoice basis.

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Price: £149.00 +VAT

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Ring us on 01536 316106

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