Welcome to ROBOLAB-online!
What can ROBOLAB-online do for you?

ROBOLAB-online's easy three-step process outlines the task, allows the pupil to design their program and finally see it in action!

Step 1: A task is given along with an example of how the results may look.

Step 2: The pupil can now change the way the program is designed to work with a simple graphical interface.

Step 3: The pupil tests out their theory and runs their program. If the program needs tweaking or the user needs help the user can return to the design or example tabs.

We also offer friendly support for teachers and students with a glossary, lesson plans and great technical support.

Take Control: Navigate tricky courses with the ROBOLAB-online virtual RCX brick

Real-World Systems: Learn and work with real world simulations of timing & sensors.

Simple Interface: The ROBOLAB-online graphical user interface allows complex programs to be created easily step by step.

User Feedback: ROBOLAB-online lets you know when something has gone wrong!

Sensors: ROBOLAB-online also provides pupils the chance to model sensor behaviour with our line-follower pilot.

Welcome to ROBOLAB-online

If you're a frequent visitor, things may look a little different. Please read this note for more details.

At ROBOLAB-online we provide web-based simulations for pupils who are learning with ROBOLAB.

The costs associated with supplying a whole class with LEGO ROBOLAB RCX bricks can be prohibitive for some schools, but with ROBOLAB-online an unlimited number of students can interact with a virtual LEGO ROBOLAB RCX brick at once. This means no students are excluded and they will all receive the time they need.

A year's subscription to the ROBOLAB-online service can be purchased for £149 +VAT per school, and subsequent years are priced at £99 +VAT. Each subscription allows access to unlimited numbers of students at that school. For more information or to subscribe over the phone call 01536 316106

If you're looking for parts for a Robolab RCX brick or have questions about the Robolab CD software or compatibility please read our FAQ.

Why Subscribe?

  • Unlimited: An unlimited number of students may log in at any one time, meaning no student is excluded.
  • Systems & Control: ROBOLAB-online meets requirements for systems & control in the ICT syllabus even without a physical RCX brick.
  • Cost Effective: The costs of a complete Robolab kits for a whole class can be prohibitive for some schools, ROBOLAB-online costs only £149+VAT for the first year and £99+VAT a year after that.

Demo ROBOLAB-online Now!

You can test out a demo of a ROBOLAB-online pilot here. Note: Robolab uses Adobe Shockwave, please click here and install Adobe Shockwave before trying the demo. (This demo shows the simplest simulation. ROBOLAB-online has over a dozen simulations, from line followers, to more complex fairground ride and dancing buggy simulators)


I've used ROBOLAB-online with many children at Key Stages 2 and 3 and can attest to its ease-of-use and effectiveness. Children enjoy working in its virtual environment and can readily grasp the key features of the ROBOLAB graphical programming environment.
Dr Ashley A. Green, RoboFesta Research Fellow at The Open University

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