Welcome to ROBOLAB-online!
What can ROBOLAB-online do for you?

ROBOLAB-online's easy three-step process outlines the task, allows the pupil to design their program and finally see it in action!

Step 1: A task is given along with an example of how the results may look.

Step 2: The pupil can now change the way the program is designed to work with a simple graphical interface.

Step 3: The pupil tests out their theory and runs their program. If the program needs tweaking or the user needs help the user can return to the design or example tabs.

We also offer friendly support for teachers and students with a glossary, lesson plans and great technical support.

Take Control: Navigate tricky courses with the ROBOLAB-online virtual RCX brick

Real-World Systems: Learn and work with real world simulations of timing & sensors.

Simple Interface: The ROBOLAB-online graphical user interface allows complex programs to be created easily step by step.

User Feedback: ROBOLAB-online lets you know when something has gone wrong!

Sensors: ROBOLAB-online also provides pupils the chance to model sensor behaviour with our line-follower pilot.

Robolab Online is Shutting Down

Please be informed that ROBOLAB-online is permanently shutting down, effective as of 31st July 2019. Users will not be able to request a new account, renew an existing subscription or log in to use the simulators. If your school has an active subscription that has yet to expire, we will be in contact with you shortly. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for using and supporting ROBOLAB ONLINE.

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