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This FAQ is broken down into 4 main sections:

We will try our best to collate all the questions most frequently asked by our users. If you've still got questions, or feel that we've omitted an important question from our FAQ, please use the Contact Us form found here to let us know.

ROBOLAB-online Questions

What is ROBOLAB-online?
ROBOLAB-online is a web-based subscription service providing "Pilot level" simulations and lesson plans for pupils and teachers who are learning about control systems. The simulations are ideally suited for younger children from Year 1 to Year 6 as they are simpler to learn.

Do all the students have to login?
Yes. All pupils must login on each PC to use the ROBOLAB-online software. To log in they should use the details provided by ROBOLAB-online at sign-up. If you click the "Remember me" checkbox on login, you can be automatically logged into the service when you revisit from the same PC.

Does the annual fee allow an unlimited number of students to use our service at our school?
Yes. The fee provides access to the service from any number of PC's at a particular school.

My school previously had a subscription with ROBOLAB-online, we'd like to renew but can't remember our details, what should we do?
Please contact us and we will check our records and update them. We will then provide you your school's old log in details. The benefit of this for you is that as an existing user you will be charged the renewal fee of £99+VAT rather than the 1st Year set-up fee of £149+VAT.

Robolab CD Software Questions

I am having compatibility issues between Robolab and Windows 7/Vista 32-bit, how can I fix it?
While we are not completely familiar with the Robolab CD Software we believe this software patch may help you Visit here to download for more information, including what is new in the patch, please visit here

I'm using a 64-bit version of Windows 7/Vista, is the Robolab CD software compatible?
Robolab CD Software is not compatible with 64-bit versions of Windows (Source: Lego Engineering)

Where can I buy the Robolab software on CD?
Currently there are no UK stockists of new Robolab software CDs. There is the option to import from the USA however, you can view the single license version here and the multiple user "site license" here

My Robolab software CD isn't working, what can I do?
First, make sure the CD is clean. If after extensive cleaning the CD is no longer working it is best to contact the retailer directly.

Lego Mindstorms RCX Hardware Questions

What is RCX?
The RCX is the little yellow "brick" or "buggy" which students can program to perform various tasks with Robolab programming software

Does ROBOLAB-online supply Robolab RCX bricks, supplies and spares?
Currently we do not supply Robolab RCX bricks, supplies and spares. There are two options for Schools interested in procuring equipment.

  1. Buying second-hand: eBay is a great resource for spares, parts and sometimes even complete kits. Here is an example search on
  2. Import: The US Lego Education site offers a large range of Robolab equipment available. To see what they have to offer, please visit here

Lego Mindstorms NXT Hardware Questions

What is Lego Mindstorms NXT?
Lego Mindstorms NXT is a robotics development kit from LEGO released in 2006. It consists of a Grey/Orange "brick" and bionics-style construction materials. It offers the ability to create "humanoid" robots as well as advanced programming facilities.

Is the NXT bot compatible with the Robolab CD software?
The NXT brick is compatible with the Robolab 2.9 software.

Is the NXT bot compatible with the Robolab Online service?
Currently the Robolab Online service only shows graphics for the older yellow RCX Mindstorms system. There are no plans to support NXT imagery at this time.

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